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quality paddy procurement for basmati rice


Selection, Audit, Check & Confirmation

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The Farmer, Kaccha Aarti & Pakka Aarti.

Farmers : The person growing the crops of paddy Basmati is called as Farmer.
Kaccha Aarti : The Intermediary between the Company and the Farmers who is responsible for the negotiations and finalization of the Sale of Paddy to the company is called as Kaccha Aarti.
Pakka Aarti : The Person responsible for the buying of the paddy on behalf of the Company is called as Pakka Aarti.


  • Farmers bring their Basmati Paddy to Kaccha Aarti in the local nearest Mandi.
  • Kaccha Aarti arranges Auction.
  • Pakka Aarti participates in Auction and Bidding.

BLV's role in the procurement of paddy

  • Procure paddy from prime Basmati growing regions of Punjab and Haryana.
  • Buy paddy after intensive quality check of soil and paddy.
  • Test for aflatoxin, microbiological test and residual tests.
  • Paddy segregated at mill arrival is earmarked for country and brand in advance.