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Black Pepper Seeds

black pepper seeds

Product Details :

  • Density : 500 G/L
  • Asmixture : 1% Max
  • Light Barries : 20% Max
  • Moisture : 13.5% Max
  • Tolerance : 4% Max

Trade Information
Crop Year Current Year
Place Of Origin India
Inspection SGS or any other third Party Inspection Company for Weight and Quality as per Buyer’s requirement.
Packing 50 Kg PP Bag
Load Ability 13.5 MT per 20 FT Container

Indigenous to India, pepper, rightly called the King of Spices, is one of the oldest and best-known spices in the world. India has always reigned supreme in the production and export of this most exotic and sought-after spice. Easily the finest in quality anywhere, Indian pepper is grown in the monsoon forests along the Malabar Coast in South India.

Here, a combination of natural advantages and organic techniques produces bigger, better-shaped, more aromatic and flavored berries. Two of the most celebrated trade varieties of Indian black pepper are 'Malabar Garbled' and 'Tellichery Extra Bold'. India also offers Green Pepper in several processed forms - frozen, dehydrated, freeze-dried and packed in brine. Pepper is a perennial climber requiring the support of live or dead stands.

Black Pepper is the dried mature berries of Piper Nigrum grown in South India, garbled, dark brown to dark black in colour nearly globular, with a wrinkled surface. Light berry contents to be tested by floatation method in alcohol or methylated spirit of 0.80 to 0.82 specific gravity at room temperature (around 25°C).


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