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Mustard Seeds

mustard seeds

Product Details :

  • Moisture : 12% Basis
  • Foreign Matter : 2% Basis
  • Size : 1-2 mm

Trade Information
Crop Year Current Year
Place Of Origin India
Inspection SGS or any other third Party Inspection Company for Weight and Quality as per Buyer’s requirement.
Packing 50 Kg PP Bag
Load Ability 20 MT per 20 FT Container

Mustard is an erect, multi branched herbaceous plant. There are mainly three varieties - black, white and brown mustard. Indian mustard substitutes the black variety. The pods of white mustard plant are rough and filled with yellowish seeds. The black mustard pods are cylindrical, and smaller, globular dark borwn seeds. Indian mustard seeds are small, spherical and reddish brown. The pods are harvested before they open up and shatter. Propogation is by seeds.

Mustard has a sharp, irritating odour and a pungent taste. India is a major producer of mustard. Mustard seeds form a part of a large number of cuisine. White mustard is mixed with the black variety, and ground into powder to form the base of condiment or made mustard for table use. Indian mustard is an efficient substitute for the black variety. It is known for its appetising flavor and preservative value. Cracking Mustard in oil is very well the starting point of many Indian dishes. Mustard is used with potato, celery, and leek soups, grilled meat, salad dressings, marinades, fish, eggs and in many more cuisines. It is also used in beverages, liquors, and medicines.


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